AMAYA LAUCIRICA ‘Rituals’ Australian only blue vinyl LP/CD

Click image to view 'More Than This' video

Click image to view ‘More Than This’ video

“Rituals is the wonderful fourth album from the amazing Amaya Laucirica…. blend(ing) the swirling contours of the Cocteau Twins with the wistful melodies of The Go-Betweens and the sonic depth of Yo La Tengo.” The Line Of Best Fit (UK)

“With each new release she gives us more atmospheric, transcendent moments.” – Double J – “‘More Than This’ is one of the best new tracks”… starting off “dark and dirty with its grinding noise guitars, but soon becomes airy and sweet thanks to some ostentatious synth and Laucirica’s sweet, effortless vocal.”

Rituals is a personal and intimate album dealing with themes of time, frustration, acceptance, loss and love. Musically, it is a richly complex and layered album that, although intricate and sometimes dense, also contains sparse moments of quiet transcendence and space. Rituals marks a major artistic statement and is the perfect demonstration of her talent for her first international release.

Kasumuen Records is proud to release Rituals within Australia and New Zealand. To celebrate this, we have produced an exclusive blue vinyl edition of this wonderful album – as well as black vinyl and CD editions.

Album release date – Friday 2nd March

Pre-orders now:

Buy Rituals on limited edition blue vinyl
Price includes free postage Australiawide, add AU$5 for shipping to New Zealand
Price(AUD): $40.00

Rituals on black vinyl 
Price includes free postage Australiawide, add AU$5 for shipping to New Zealand
Price(AUD): $35.00

Rituals gatefold CD  
Price includes free postage throughout Australia and New Zealand
Price(AUD): $26.00

These editions are only available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand

View Geoffrey O’Connor’s video for key album track ‘More Than This’ by clicking the image at the top of this page.


XYLOURIS/WHITE ‘Mother’ Australian exclusive coloured vinyl!

cover_1503574215497096Kasumuen Records is very proud to announce the Australian vinyl release of the new Xylouris/White album Mother.

This is the third album from the duo of Cretan lute master George Xylouris and Australian born, New York based Dirty Three drummer/percussionist, Jim White.

Fugazi’s Guy Piciotto (renowned for his recording relationships with Blonde Redhead, Make-Up, Gossip and others) has once again taken on mixer/producer duties for this album.

This is the first Xylouris/White record to be pressed in Australia and to celebrate this a very limited number of the first Australian pressing of Mother will be on coloured vinyl. These coloured vinyl LPs will only be available direct from Kasumuen Records (here) and only for a very short time as they are sure to sell out. We have a classic black wax pressing also.

‘Mother’ on coloured vinyl is very limited, includes download code, order it now.
Only available for purchase within Australia or New Zealand. Free shipping Australiawide, add AU$5 for NZ.
Price(AUD): $40.00
 ‘Mother’ on classic black vinyl is also available for order now, includes download code. 
Only available for purchase within Australia or New Zealand. Free shipping Australiawide, add AU$5 for NZ.
Price(AUD): $35.00

‘Mother’ is released on January 19th, 2018.

Kasumuen Records is licensed to sell ‘Mother’ on vinyl within Australia and New Zealand. To purchase ‘Mother’ on CD or digitally in Australia/New Zealand go here. To purchase ‘Mother’ outside of Australia/New Zealand go here



THE DOUBLE complete and unedited ‘Dawn of the Double’ CD

Dawn of The DoubleTHE DOUBLE (USA)
feature Jim White (Dirty Three/Xylouris White) & Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang) 

Having recorded and released their  debut Dawn of the Double on vinyl with In The Red in the US, now the full unedited recording is released on CD by Kasumuen Records.

“Could The Double’s epic new Dawn of the Double spawn a dance craze?” asked the LA Times, full review here 

While making some investigations into rock and roll, THE DOUBLE was found!

You’ve heard of the fox trot, you’ve heard of the twist, now there’s a new dance in town … The DOUBLE. DANCE THE DOUBLE!

Jim White (Dirty Three / Xylouris White / Venom P. Stinger) and guitarist Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang) are THE DOUBLE. They’ve distilled THE DOUBLE’s essence into DAWN of the DOUBLE.

Get this CD now - free shipping Australiawide, add A$5 internationally
Price(AUD): $25.00


You can meditate to this record,” says Larry Hardy of In the Red. “The first few seconds, it’s like, ‘OK, this sounds like the Gories. Then it’s, ‘No, this is like the Velvet Underground. Oh … it’s Glenn Branca. It just goes and goes.”

“It’s Terry Riley meets Bo Diddley, and it works so hard you won’t even know it. Incredible, heads down focus and dexterity, with each chord hit with the twang of all of the blues, just fuckin’ layin’ it in there like it should.” Still Single

SAND PEBBLES Pleasure Maps LP – vinyl & CD

Click image for Desire Lines video-single

“One of the best albums of 2017 by any band, any place. Uplifting, thrilling, surprising and just completely captivating. Expectations exceeded.” – Jonathan Alley, Triple R presenter

“Brimming with ideas… impossible to pigeonhole… Perhaps if The Beatles had stayed in India they would have sounded a little like this” – Jeff Jenkins. Howzat

“The real treat this album delivers is the extended instrumental breaks that feature winding guitar solos and spaced out synths” - Guido Farnell, The Music Album of the Week, The Age. EG

Exploding from the eye of the universe, the band who notoriously formed on the set of Neighbours return with studio album number six – Pleasure Maps. Kasumuen Records is proud to release Sand Pebbles new album on 180gm, coloured vinyl and CD – the CD contains a bonus track, a cover of The Velvet Underground’s Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ featuring Amaya Laucirica on vocals. Stream Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ here

Following sold out shows with the reformed Dave Graney & the Coral Snakes, founding Sand Pebbles’ members – Andrew Tanner, Ben Michael X and Christopher Hollow – got together with Dark Magic producer, Malcolm McDowell, to try out new songs. A note left under their door persuaded them to continue. For a band always looking for signs, this was enough to inspire headway, leading to the recording of Pleasure Maps.

Produced by the dynamic duo of McDowell and James Dean [who helmed 2008’s Ceduna], Pleasure Maps features guest appearances from local Melbourne identities such as Buried Feather’s Steve McLennan and cellist Gareth Skinner. It also includes fabulous performances from long-time Sand Pebbles Tor Larsen and Wes Holland, who recently exited to London.

Order Pleasure Maps her now – [First pressing on 180g/coloured vinyl SOLD OUT.]

140g black vinyl LP. Free post Australiawide, add AU$15 internationally
Price(AUD): $32.00
CD in gatefold card sleeve, with cover of Velvet Underground Oh Sweet Nuthin - free delivery Australiawide, add AU$5 shipping internationally
Price(AUD): $26.00
Get both vinyl and Cd with no extra shipping. Free shipping Australiawide, add AU$15 shipping internationally
Price(AUD): $50.00

POWERLINE SNEAKERS debut album – ‘disasterpiece’ CD

PS album cover

Click image to view ‘Bank Robber’ video-single

Powerline Sneakers are something of a supergroup of seminal Aussie 90s underground talent: - Sly Faulkner (Splatterheads) - John Nolan (Powder Monkeys) - Katie Dixon (Ripe) - Mark Hurst (Guttersnipes).

They deliver a debut album filled with a firebrand rock’n’roll that has its roots firmly planted in Aussie punk.

Kasumuen Records is proud to release the 11 track ‘disasterpiece’, resplendent with powerful vocals, 3-piece horn section, Motown style all-girl harmonies and riffing that only seasoned players of this calibre know how to deliver!

“An instant classic” Rock and Roll Army magazine (Spain) – full review here

Faulkner’s brilliantly ragged and seasoned pipes have stood the test of time and again he stands and delivers” Martin Boulton, The Age/SMH (Australia) – full review here

I hope to hear a better rock and roll album this year but I probably won’t. I’ll be fine with that.” The Barman, i-94 Bar (online) – full review here

Powerline Sneakers are the real deal.” Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine (Melbourne) – full review here

These seminal musicians have delivered a record which is a true document of their own uncompromising form of melody driven rock n roll. They are a band that knows how to fall in love and live life with a broken heart. sometimes with the simplest hope (“I hold your hand and I’m indestructible…”), or a letdown (“…buy you a wedding ring but please don’t pawn it.”).

Check out album video-single ‘Bank Robber’ by clicking image above and stream album track ‘Miracle of Sinhere:

disasterpiece is out Friday 24th February on Kasumuen Records. Get it with free delivery in Australia by ordering it here now:

Cd album - free post Australia wide - AU$5 international ship
Price(AUD): $24.00

THE BEVIS FROND/Fraudband – split Lp

Split Lp poster

Click image for Lp track video

Kasumuen Records is very proud to announce its debut release with an overseas artist.

For the uninitiated, The Bevis Frond are an English band, 25+ years in existence. Labelled neo-psych in the early 90s, their early Lps now rank as collector’s items, in part due to the band having self-recorded and self-released almost all of their 27 albums.

The band has maintained a credibility and consistency over a quarter of a century that is astoundingly rare. They performed at a slew of Terrastocks in the 2000s, appeared at Glastonbury in 2014 and just this year billed with John Cale and The Fall at ATP. Containing the 80s Hawkwind rhythm section, The Bevis Frond remain a vital live act authentically presenting such classics as ‘Splendid Isolation’ and ‘High In A Flat’ alongside the tougher guitar tones on 2015s ‘Example 22′ double Lp.

It was on the late 2015 European tour for this release that The Bevis Frond and Aussie two-piece, Fraudband crossed paths. Fraudband were on their debut European tour, looking to fill a date between Berlin and Paris, happening to score a Tuesday night slot at Hamburg’s Hafenklang. This proved to be quite fortuitous, The Bevis Frond drew a solid audience that consumed much of their merch afterwards. The bands shared a meal, getting on well, Fraudband cheekily borrowing Bevis Frond’s guitar amp before being awestruck by the Frond’s set.

What better way of celebrating this cross hemisphere connection than a split Lp release!

Release date – 29th July

The Bevis Frond/Fraudband split Lp - Free post in Australia, add AU$15 post overseas
Price(AUD): $32.00
The Bevis Frond/Fraudband split Lp plus Fraudband full length Cd - Free post Australiawide, add AU$15 post overseas
Price(AUD): $46.00

FRAUDBAND – double Ep long player – ‘Many ways in… one way out’

Album cover - square - compressed 2

– Click image to view ‘Keyed In’ video -

Fraudband are more convincing than Sonic Youth” – 5 Beers, 1-94 Bar – full album review here

Fraudband re-record their first two (sold out) Eps and wrap them into a full album, recorded, mixed and mastered in Melbourne by Loki Lockwood (The Drones/Harry Howard & NDE/Sun God Replica etc).

With a debut European tour ahead of them, the band were running out of their first two, Ep releases – a 10” vinyl and a cassette. So, thinking like Courtney Barnett ala ‘Sea of split peas’, Fraudband decided to put these first two releases together to form their debut long player – ‘Many ways in… one way out’.

The tracks from these two releases had developed through extensive live work. So, when an offer came from famed producer Loki Lockwood to record with some classy equipment, and recording skills, the band took this a chance to re-record tracks from their first two releases.

In 22 hours of studio time Fraudband made a nine track record of the band’s first two years together. An introduction for those who’ve missed the first two releases and a hello to Europe!

The band has proven to have wide appeal without playing to the lowest common denominator. Their music resonates as authentic yet going out on a limb with intensity. There is risk, and there is passion in this music, as Sonic Masala put it – “I have always loved Fraudband….. finding the rhythm and f**king it over and over again. And believe me, you will enjoy it.”

Free post in Australia, add AU$4 overseas
Price(AUD): $20.00

Stream/download full album here


Click image to view song video

Click image to view song video

Cutting his teeth in the Brisbane music scene in the mid-2000’s with acclaimed outfit NIKKO, Jackson Reid Briggs has wandered about the east coast and Japan these last few years writing and performing with an eclectic ensemble of musicians. Finding himself in Melbourne with a swag full of skeletons and a new band, Jackson is currently bombarding ear drums with his unorthodox brand of Australian Rock ’N’ Roll.

“Immediate and personal, this artist has something unique and distinctive to say that is not confined by market trends or what other people will think of him. ” -The Equal Ground

Release date – Tuesday 2nd June, 2015



Click image to view video

Meeting up in the shadowy haze of the Berlin streets, the keeper of the keys Dimitri Kucharzweski (The Hollowmen) & guitar slinger Jo Brockman (James McCann’s Dirty Skirt Band, Brian Hooper Band) formed Midnight Scavengers upon arrival in Oz. This duo added the rumbling bass of Jeff Hooker (Darling Downs, James McCann’s Dirty Skirt Band), hard hitting drummer Tim O’Shannassy (The Paradise Motel, MJ Halloran) and the melodic chaos of Andrew Watson (Waywardbreed, The Interim Lovers, The Man Who Wasn’t There) on violin/guitar.

They have become one of the most respected groups in Melbourne, playing alongside The Ears, Kim Salmon, Spencer P. Jones, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions and countless others. Their debut album is a labour of love, releasing their beautiful violence upon unsuspecting ears, it is a repeat player that gives more with each listen.

CD – SOLD OUT – Stream/download album - here


FRAUDBAND – ‘Some Things’ 10″ vinyl/Cd in hand painted covers – VINYL SOLD OUT

click on image to view video

Fraudband follow up their debut cassette release of 2014 with the 10″ vinylSome Things“. Also issued on Ltd Cd, both vinyl and Cd editions of this release come in individually hand painted covers.

Containing five tracks, ‘Some Things’ was recorded at Bakehouse Studios, mixed and mastered by legendary engineer/producer, Simon Grounds (God, Rocket Science, Venom P Stinger, Powdermonkeys etc). Fraudband will have this 10″ and cd release available at upcoming shows, and at a special Melbourne launch tba.

Release date: 12th March, 2015

Sonic Masala really like this record, read their review here -


Cd version, in hand painted cover - free post in Australia, add AU$3 overseas
Price(AUD): $12.00