FRAUDBAND – double Ep long player – ‘Many ways in… one way out’

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Fraudband are more convincing than Sonic Youth” – 5 Beers, 1-94 Bar – full album review here

Fraudband re-record their first two (sold out) Eps and wrap them into a full album, recorded, mixed and mastered in Melbourne by Loki Lockwood (The Drones/Harry Howard & NDE/Sun God Replica etc).

With a debut European tour ahead of them, the band were running out of their first two, Ep releases – a 10” vinyl and a cassette. So, thinking like Courtney Barnett ala ‘Sea of split peas’, Fraudband decided to put these first two releases together to form their debut long player – ‘Many ways in… one way out’.

The tracks from these two releases had developed through extensive live work. So, when an offer came from famed producer Loki Lockwood to record with some classy equipment, and recording skills, the band took this a chance to re-record tracks from their first two releases.

In 22 hours of studio time Fraudband made a nine track record of the band’s first two years together. An introduction for those who’ve missed the first two releases and a hello to Europe!

The band has proven to have wide appeal without playing to the lowest common denominator. Their music resonates as authentic yet going out on a limb with intensity. There is risk, and there is passion in this music, as Sonic Masala put it – “I have always loved Fraudband….. finding the rhythm and f**king it over and over again. And believe me, you will enjoy it.”

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Price(AUD): $20.00

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