THE BEVIS FROND/Fraudband – split Lp

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Kasumuen Records is very proud to announce its debut release with an overseas artist.

For the uninitiated, The Bevis Frond are an English band, 25+ years in existence. Labelled neo-psych in the early 90s, their early Lps now rank as collector’s items, in part due to the band having self-recorded and self-released almost all of their 27 albums.

The band has maintained a credibility and consistency over a quarter of a century that is astoundingly rare. They performed at a slew of Terrastocks in the 2000s, appeared at Glastonbury in 2014 and just this year billed with John Cale and The Fall at ATP. Containing the 80s Hawkwind rhythm section, The Bevis Frond remain a vital live act authentically presenting such classics as ‘Splendid Isolation’ and ‘High In A Flat’ alongside the tougher guitar tones on 2015s ‘Example 22′ double Lp.

It was on the late 2015 European tour for this release that The Bevis Frond and Aussie two-piece, Fraudband crossed paths. Fraudband were on their debut European tour, looking to fill a date between Berlin and Paris, happening to score a Tuesday night slot at Hamburg’s Hafenklang. This proved to be quite fortuitous, The Bevis Frond drew a solid audience that consumed much of their merch afterwards. The bands shared a meal, getting on well, Fraudband cheekily borrowing Bevis Frond’s guitar amp before being awestruck by the Frond’s set.

What better way of celebrating this cross hemisphere connection than a split Lp release!

Release date – 29th July

The Bevis Frond/Fraudband split Lp - Free post in Australia, add AU$15 post overseas
Price(AUD): $32.00
The Bevis Frond/Fraudband split Lp plus Fraudband full length Cd - Free post Australiawide, add AU$15 post overseas
Price(AUD): $46.00