THE DOUBLE complete and unedited ‘Dawn of the Double’ CD

Dawn of The DoubleTHE DOUBLE (USA)
feature Jim White (Dirty Three/Xylouris White) & Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang) 

Having recorded and released their  debut Dawn of the Double on vinyl with In The Red in the US, now the full unedited recording is released on CD by Kasumuen Records.

“Could The Double’s epic new Dawn of the Double spawn a dance craze?” asked the LA Times, full review here 

While making some investigations into rock and roll, THE DOUBLE was found!

You’ve heard of the fox trot, you’ve heard of the twist, now there’s a new dance in town … The DOUBLE. DANCE THE DOUBLE!

Jim White (Dirty Three / Xylouris White / Venom P. Stinger) and guitarist Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang) are THE DOUBLE. They’ve distilled THE DOUBLE’s essence into DAWN of the DOUBLE.

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You can meditate to this record,” says Larry Hardy of In the Red. “The first few seconds, it’s like, ‘OK, this sounds like the Gories. Then it’s, ‘No, this is like the Velvet Underground. Oh … it’s Glenn Branca. It just goes and goes.”

“It’s Terry Riley meets Bo Diddley, and it works so hard you won’t even know it. Incredible, heads down focus and dexterity, with each chord hit with the twang of all of the blues, just fuckin’ layin’ it in there like it should.” Still Single